US281 Superstreet

What is the US 281 Super Street? What does it really mean to drivers along US 281? Will it really help save time? 

These are all questions we continue to ask in our community. After so many attempts to bring some form of relief to the US 281 corridor, people can't be blamed for being a little skeptical about this new concept, which hasn't been tried in Texas. US 281 Super Street Image - artist rendering

The Super Street, however, isn't a new concept to the United States. The Super Street is used in North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan and other states across the country. North Carolina, for example, has over 50 locations using the Super Street concept as a way to help keep traffic moving until new capacity can be added! 

If you are here, you probably have questions and want answers to help your understanding of the Super Street project, and why the Alamo Regional Mobility Authority is supporting this new idea to help bring interim relief to US 281.

As a Regional Mobility Authority, the Alamo RMA is charged with helping to keep our community moving, and to do so by leveraging available funds for needed infrastructure projects. The US 281 Super Street is a perfect example of the creative thinking the Alamo RMA is open to when looking for solutions to the congestion impacting our region.

Proposed by local engineering firm, Pape-Dawson Engineers, the US 281 Super Street was received with a very warm reception by our community when first proposed in January 2009. On June 30, 2009, a community open house was hosted by the Alamo RMA to get input into the proposed design and to help answer questions our community may have about this new approach.

Copies of all materials handed out at the Community Open House have been included on this website, and if you want to see how the Super Street is going to impact a specific intersection - please visit that page! 

For general information about the Super Street, and how it will work, please download a copy of our brochure - US 281 Super Street Brochure

For a copy of the general presentation presented at the Super Street Community Open House on June 30, 2009 please download a copy here - General Overview of the US 281 Super Street - PDF of the June 30 2009 Power Point

The US 281 Super Street Community Meeting Report is available for download and review - see what your friends and neighbors had to say about the Super Street, and see the official response from the Alamo RMA - as well as additional information about the Super Street. All documents are PDFs -

US281 Superstreet Documents File Download
Community Open House Report Download
Appendix ACAC Member List Download
Appendix B Download
Appendix C Download
Appendix D  Download
Appendix E Download
Appendix F Download
Appendix G Download
Appendix H Download
Appendix I Download
Appendix J Download
Appendix K Download
Appendix L Download
Appendix M Download

Personal information such as phone number, email address and physical address have been redacted from this report to preserve the privacy of individuals submitting comments on this report. Names of commentors are still visible, as is the zip code of the commentor.

For any additional questions you may have, please email us by clicking here


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